Vert Shock – A Training Program to Improve Vertical Leap

Today I want to talk about a program that is currently recognized as one of the best training programs available to improve an athlete’s vertical jump.

Vert Shock has been the most popular internet vertical jump program since 2014. The program is available in the form of an e-book and comes with various other additional materials such as workout charts, video clips, nutrition plans and more.

Adam Folker, professional basketball player and Justin Darlington (professional dunker), have structured and built Vert Shock in a scientific and logical way.

Their jump program covers everything including physical facets of jumping and also various aspects such as diet plans and more. Vert Shock is currently the best guide providing instructions on how to do exercises properly and more.


Why Vert Shock Is So Effective

The reason why the Vert Shock program is so effective is because it focuses on maximum intensity when doing the exercises and workouts. The shock workouts are presented in the form of a 7 day workout cycle. Vert Shock covers various types of exercises that can aid in increasing the vertical leap.

The program includes exercises related to Plyometrics, drills, stretches, strength exercises and more. These exercises are designed to increase your quickness and also to enhance your vertical explosion. The program also consists of an excellent video library, and you can follow the proper procedure of performing the various exercises with the aid of these videos.

Vert Shock is an effective tool that can help you to gain higher vertical leap heights. The vertical shock system is a professional grade program that has been utilized by a lot of coaches with pro athletes to improve their overall performance in their sports.

Vert Shock Reviews

The program assures you to gain at least 10 inches of vertical leap within 8 weeks. To exemplify it, Phil Clarke from Basketball Workout Tips made a series of Vert Shocks posts that demonstrate the raw power of it.

Then there’s also Matthew Godley’s Vert Shock review which sheds even more light on the program where he presents a nice case study on himself and gives us a hint on how the program really works.

By seen these experiences and results, you can be sure that the Vert Shock training program provides the right knowledge and tools for you to reach your goals.

These vertical explosion techniques will truly aid you to improve your vertical leap efficiently and quickly. Vert Shock truly works; if you want to reach the desired vertical leap height within a few weeks then probably the only option that can help you in this aspect is Vert Shock.

The Shock phases themselves are very easy to understand and you can follow the techniques and workouts provided in them easily. The Folker System mainly comes in the form of videos or e-book and you can utilize this amazing program and explore the benefits.

With this program the emphasis is on effective exercises and also on diet plans, it provides the appropriate techniques to perform the exercises and a good nutrition directions specifically for vertical jumping.


Adam Folker Vert Shock is truly a well-designed program that enables you to jump higher. You can definitely reach the desired jumping height if you follow the techniques, exercises, and diet plans provided in the manual properly. The manual is a complete guide covering all the techniques and information related to vertical explosion. Go grab Vert Shock and increase your vertical leap.

The program comes at a cost of $67 and it’s worth buying, you can truly have the desired results by investing in this manual. It is currently the most popular vertical jump training program found on the market and Adam Folker has written and created it to aid all the people who want to improve their vertical jump.