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Elections in Malta:

The Single-Transferable-Vote System in Action, 1921 – 2013

This site is devoted exclusively to information on Maltese elections and to the electoral system which is used in Malta, namely, the single-transferable-vote (STV).

The site contains data, descriptions and analyses as well as links to other relevant sites. The data comprise information on 4,138 candidacies in general elections and 4,125 candidacies in local council elections.

The purpose is to provide a source of materials which are reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive. This is a strictly non-partisan undertaking and has no connection whatsoever with any governmental or political entity in Malta.

Visitors are free to download any of the contents of this site. Copyright permission is only required for commercial use of these materials. In academic settings, the usual expectations of ethical use (like acknowledgement of sources) apply here just as they do for publications of a more traditional kind.

For copyright permission, or to suggest corrections or improvements on this website, please write to pslane @ buffalo.edu.

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Brief Background Information on Malta and on STV
for those who are not familiar with the country or the STV system

Rules and Structures of STV Elections in Malta
* Election Law * Constitutional Provisions
* Vote-Counting Mechanics * Election District Map
* The Electoral Commission * Number of Ballot Counts

The Voters
* Registered Voters * Valid and Invalid Votes
* Distribution of Voters Among Districts * Voters’ Party Loyalty

The Candidates
* List of Candidates * Dual Candidacies
* Candidates Per Seat * Incumbents and Newcomers
* Women Candidates

Voting Results
* Results by Election Districts * Results By Political Party
* Dataset for Statistical Analysis

The Political Parties
* List of Parties * Party Votes, Nationally and By District
* Party Parliamentary Seats, Nationally and By District
* Votes and Seats of Minor Parties * Voters’ Party Loyalty
* Two-Party System in Malta * Parties’ Electoral Programs

Parliament and Government
* Election Dates * Duration of Parliaments
* Governing Majorities * The “Mandates” of Governments
* Professional Groups in Parliament * Re-Election of Incumbents

Some Problems of STV Elections in Malta
* Disproportionality in Maltese Elections
* “Wasted Votes” * Under-Representation of Women
* The 1990 Government White Paper on Electoral Reform
* The 1994 Gonzi Commission Report on Electoral Reform (with Prof. Buhagiar’s Report)
* Electoral Reform Debate, 1995-96

* Wording and Results of Past Referenda * The Referenda Act

European Parliament Elections
* Election Results * Malta’s European Parliament Elections Act

Local Council Elections
* List of Council Candidates * Election Dates
* Results by Locality * Elected Mayors
* Trends in Local Council Elections * Careers: From Council to Parliament

Bibliography and Links
A selective bibliography and links to related websites

Sources and Acknowledgments
About the author of this website and his various debts

Malta Data: Jeffrey Malta’s Raw Materials
Complete datasets by Jeffrey Malta for those who want to analyze further data

… and a few pictures
A handful of informal snapshots from the elections of 1976 and 1996

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Perfect Life Starts With The Right Data

My name is Jeff Malta and welcome to Malta Elections.

As you can see I took a risk with the name of the site but I wanted to make a statement and that’s why I chose it.

The idea behind the big name is to live up to the message I’m trying to spread and treat this blog as my platform for helping people, so much that if I ran to presidency I’d be elected.

I know a lot about health, fitness, business, family, and self development.

A lot of times these are the pain areas in our life and if we learn to master our skills and combine it with the right data, every one of us could live his dreams and reach his full potential.

The key area that this site will talk about is around health.

You’ll see a lot of data on this topic

Health has always been defined as “a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being and it is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

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When your health has been defined with complete mental, physical and social well-being, it is usually being referred to as Health Triangle. You will feel completeness in life for basic needs. You don’t feel handicapped and will be able to survive basic life without physical and drug support.

Health definition from World Health Organization

In 1986 at the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, WHO defined health as:

  • A resource for everyday life but not the objective of living
  • A positive concept emphasizing on personal and social resources together with physical capacities.

Why Wellness and Health Have Become a Challenge in the Modern World?

With wellness and healthy living becomes the top priority in urban lifestyle, physical and mental health have been placed in the spotlight. It becomes the biggest challenge for all parties especially the government to focus on this part.

A world on steroids

Humans have evolved from the original caveman who lived freely without constriction for the past 200,000 years. Since industrialization evolved the last 200 years, more humans migrated to cities. Humans who once lived freely now became congested in little known ‘pigeon hole’ to make a living in the urban. This has created a major shift of ‘normality’ from freedom country living to cramped living.

Such a sudden change to humanitarian livelihood has caused a major challenge in terms of personal space, personal hygiene, disease control, diet, pollution control, the amount of rest required, stresses and many others.

My goal here is to discuss these problems so that you’ll know the consequences of modern living and that you’ll be better equipped dealing with these ever increasing challenges in this ever changing world.